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Celebrating 20 Years of Awesome...

CJSF is your local, independent, community-based radio station and media outlet. For 20 years we ve played your music, we ve told your story, we ve rallied around your cause. And this matters WHY?

Because our community matters. Showcasing what s going on in our community matters. As a listener and media consumer, you matter. It matters that you hear yourself represented, and your voice included in ongoing grassroots dialog.

We have created space for our community - your community to reach out and speak to the many communities that make up our region, in your own voice.

For two decades, we ve shared casual conversations over morning coffee, great music both local and from afar, and opportunities to connect with the awesome people in your community.

Your participation is integral to our 20 year history of championing under-told stories and unheard voices. Together, with your continued support, we ensure a future that enshrines grassroots media as a vital component of community engagement and empowerment.

CJSF s home on the radio dial is more than a frequency - it represents a space for the community to grow, create content and share stories that you will not find elsewhere on the radio dial.

This year we are celebrating 20 years of awesome, independent radio and community action. With your donation during Fundrive, we are building for another 20 years and beyond.

Your continued financial support during Fundrive allows CJSF 90.1 FM to thrive as a vibrant, independent and grassroots voice, and to share the bounty of our community both on campus and in our surrounding community.

Support our annual Fundrive!

Celebrate 20 years of awesome radio with us by making a donation from October 30th to November 5th

This year, CJSF celebrates 20 years of broadcasting at 90.1FM. Since 2003, we’ve been making awesome radio with you - our community Make a contribution in any amount to support the volunteer-driven, broadcasting and media-related activities of the station. All funds raised go towards supporting the volunteer-driven, broadcasting and media-related activities of the station.

Fundrive = the sound(s) of growing together.
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Your donations contribute to:

Bring Your Own Donation and contribute to:
  • Support programmers as they create awesome new episodes of your favourite programs.
  • Keep our broadcast on the air for another 20 awesome years by helping replace our broadcast tower and antenna -vital, necessary and expensive.
  • Provide improved tools and studio equipment to help our awesome programmers improve their shows.
  • Expand our awesome community by helping us better connect with off-campus listeners and volunteers through our downtown studio space at 312 Main.
  • Investing in awesome new technology to help future-proof our operations in an evolving media landscape.

Plant a good seed and you will joyfully gather fruit. Mary Kay

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About CJSF 90.1 FM

Since the mid-1960s, from the very beginnings of Simon Fraser University, we've been home to offbeat sounds played by all kinds of folks, on campus and beyond. After years of moving between various homes on the airwaves, we settled down 20 awesome years ago in 2003 at 90.1 MHz on the FM dial (and at http://cjsf.ca on the Internet before that!)

But CJSF's home on the radio dial is more than just a frequency - it represents a physical space for the community to create content and share stories that you will not find on mainstream radio. Since August 2021, CJSF has been broadcasting from its new permanent home in the SFU Burnaby campus's Student Union Building, after decades under the Burnaby campus's Rotunda area above the Transportation Centre bus loop.

Help us celebrate 20 years of awesome independent media with your financial contribution to CJSF 90.1 FM: with your support we can continue to awesome independent for another 20 years and beyond.Support our to our 6th annual Fundrive today!