Jonny Bones, host of Rad Radio on Thursdays 10pm-12am

"Pulling together is what we need to do not only as a station, a community, a country, but as a species. This pandemic has truly highlighted just how small the world really is; how the actions of one can affect us all. If we want to overcome this global obstacle, we need to put differences aside and act as a global community, listen and learn from one another, give help where we can and be open to receive help when it is needed."

You can help us reach our goal of $12,000 by making a donation to volunteer, community-based radio now by going to

November 2nd to 8th is CJSF’s 3rd annual Fundrive! Join us for a week-long celebration of community radio where we pull together and raise money for CJSF. Our goal of raising $12,000 is only possible with your help. Your donation directly supports volunteer programming initiatives at the station and strengthens the voice of independent media. Pull together with us by visiting to donate..

Why Support CJSF?

Your financial contribution:

  • Helps programmers produce new, high-quality episodes of your favourite shows from home which keeps our radio content fresh for your listening pleasure
  • Builds and equips an attractive, modern broadcast facility at SFU’s Burnaby Campus bringing more opportunity and excitement for community involvement, expands our programming options, and results in a more robust radio service for you to tune in for
  • Better connects us with off-campus listeners and communities through our downtown studio space which increases the scope of our programming content to reflect more aspects of our community, and you as a listener
  • Future-proofs our operations in an evolving media landscape in order for us to remain viable and your go-to station for alternative perspectives, new music, and outside-the-box programming.

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Since COVID-19 our Programmers have been producing from home.

Antonio "Dr. Misterio" Dorantes

Radio Alicia, Sunday 4-6pm
Yuca Stereo, Sunday 6-8pm
The Metal Meltdown, Monday 8-10pm

"We have a saying in Mexico: "Jalando Parejo" which literally means "Pulling Together"! Which means that if we all put our effort into a common goal, and we all contribute, we can accomplish anything! And today, we at "CJSF 90.1 FM" are "jalando parejo" with you! so that we can bring you all the diverse and beautiful music, artists and local events that you love to listen and hear from! Please donate today!"

Jon Thibault

Home of Burnaby Rock, Fridays 6-8pm

"Under bizarre circumstances here in 2020 we at CJSF are again asking for a small amount of support from the community. At risk of speaking on behalf of the station I’d say we do so this year with great humility. We know that some of you in the community are hurting, and there are institutions we love in the community that are under a great deal more stress than we are. For those that can give we do ask that you consider us as part of the mix. At this time of year we look to our listenership to help raise some extra cash to cover basic costs, and this year is no different. We’re not asking for more money this year over last, even though we could use it. Please give if you are able. It’s up to the community, including myself, to pull together and keep the lights on. Lights on, that’s it, and the transmitter humming. No running water, no espresso machine, no stablecoin venture. No hose connected to running water outside of the studio. Just lights, and sound, and the best little radio station you know continuing in perpetuity.
Donate now!"

Lucca Hallex

ESSENCEtial Conversations, Fridays 6-7pm

"Radio pulls the community together all the time but especially during times of adversity. • Since March, on our show, we’ve been talking about topics relevant to coping during the pandemic. We decided to make an effort to have station member/programmers be among the people with whom we have conversations on the show. We’re airing new ones and re-airing archived ones, in the lead-up to the FUNdrive. This is putting faces and background to the people pulling together to make radio."

Alexander Morris

Generic Alternative, Monday 2-3pm

"Cacti hold water in times of drought and stress! I am the host of the Generic Alternative on Mondays 2pm - 3pm definitely enjoyed pulling together with Magnus, Nick, Scott, Robin, Ricky and Jesse on CJSF's efforts during the past 7 months. I am pleased to see Fundrive succeeding! #cactuspeople #alixandirthegreat #cjsf #fundrive #thecomicchild #hiskippy7 #genericalternative #pullingtogether"

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Why Donate to CJSF?

Did you know, our programming is created by volunteers from the campus and community? The knowledge and passion that our volunteer programmers share with you each week through their radio shows is what sets us apart from other media outlets. Our strength comes from being community supported, and this week - from November 2nd - 8th - you can support CJSF's 2020 fundrive as we pull together to keep our broadcast grassroots and relevant.

Help us reach our fundraising goal by pledging your financial support to independent, non-commercial community radio now by going to to donate

Since CJSF’s humble beginnings over 55 years ago, pulling together is what has made the campus-based, not-for-profit radio station at Simon Fraser University a reality and a hub of community-accessible cultural connection. CJSF thrives by embracing and highlighting under-told stories, fostering citizen journalism and self-expression that grounds our grassroots voice firmly in the local scene. We have license to play music and deliver ideas beyond what’s popular, making us an excellent counterweight to global media consolidation. Programming on CJSF consists of free-flowing information, independent and under-represented artists and is 100% people-powered, which contributes to a more democratic society.